Atlanta’s Disastrous Pattern Of Leftist Leadership Comes Full Circle

In the city of Atlanta, the state of affairs remains chaotic. Earlier this year, Democrat Keisha Lance Bottoms left office as Mayor. The current Mayor who has since filled her shoes is Democrat Andre Dickens.

As a very blue city, it’s pretty much a given that the Mayor of Atlanta will be a Democrat. However, the continuation of one left-wing Administration after the other isn’t doing Georgia’s capital city any favors.

Just days ago, the Atlanta Police Department put out some information about the city’s crime levels this year. As PJ Media reports, the considerable rise in violent, horrific acts of lawlessness is a cumulative consequence of decisions made in Atlanta.

Homicide, physical assaults, and burglaries have soared by disturbing rates less than three months into this year.

Likewise, the city of Atlanta has repeatedly made the news for children losing their lives in drive-by shootings and people falling victim to stray bullets from gang-related shootouts.

Throughout Mayor Bottoms’ tenure as Atlanta’s Mayor, she repeatedly cracked down on police officers rather than offenders. Then, when Atlanta’s crime rate spiked, Bottoms blamed it on Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp’s choice to lift the short-lived, statewide lockdown.

Mayor Dickens has said he plans to take specific measures to bring down crime in Atlanta. The new Democrat Mayor claims these measures will boost technology to read license plates and provide city surveillance.

Dickens likewise committed to bringing more officers into the Atlanta Police Department and beefing up the use of CCTV cameras. However, it’s worth noting that Dickens has been in office for several weeks now, and violent crime is still high.

What’s happening in Atlanta is far from an outlier. It’s a recurring theme in localities that insist upon electing Democrats to carry out mayoral terms.

Left-wing leadership is not cutting back on law enforcement, but it’s giving criminals more incentive and access to commit lawless acts and escape with nothing more than wrist slaps.

In both statewide and nationwide polls, there’s been a trend of more Americans expressing concerns about public safety levels. However, this concern will only change things if people vote accordingly.

Suppose cities persist with their current voting patterns for Democrats who support ending cash bail, defunding the police, and essentially giving lawbreakers a free ride. In that case, public safety levels will keep diminishing.