Atlanta Mayor Called Out Over ‘High Crime Rates’

Like many other left-wing-run cities across the United States, Atlanta, Georgia, has been in some trouble for quite some time.

The root of this trouble can be found in the Democrats that city residents continue to elect into power. Various leftist Administrations have created a situation where criminals thrive, law-abiding citizens live in fear, and the cycle seemingly never ends.

Meanwhile, America’s been a referendum on reckless, leftist policies like defunding the police and giving low bail to dangerous criminal offenders.

In this wake, Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp calls out Atlanta Democrat Mayor Andre Dickens over local crime rates, as covered by Breitbart News.

Governor Kemp urged Mayor Dickens to take some serious action to drive down the crime levels in the city overseen by the latter.

According to Kemp, this action should entail work that mirrors his own, permitting the Georgia Board of Investigations (GBI) budget and the Georgia Attorney General to pursue gangs actively.

While addressing this matter, the Georgia Governor declared the Atlanta mayor needs to roll back the policies of his predecessor, Keisha Lance Bottoms. Crime soared under then-Mayor Bottoms. If Dickens doesn’t make some changes, lawlessness won’t either.

Crime rates have led to a proposal where the people in Buckhead could secede from Atlanta and have their city with their separate police force. Of course, for something of this magnitude to occur, Buckhead residents would have to vote for it in high enough numbers.

Before becoming the Mayor of Atlanta, Andre Dickens was a City Councilman. As a Councilman, he voted to defund the Atlanta police department altogether.

For this reason, no one should hold their breath waiting for Mayor Dickens to change course on crime completely. Dickens’ prior vote to defund law enforcement is very public news. Yet, the people of Atlanta still chose to vote him into office as their Mayor.

At this point, the Dickens Administration appears largely poised to continue the Bottoms Administration regarding leadership and policy.

It is what happens when people repeatedly vote Democrats into power. With Atlanta being an intensely blue city, there’s not much of a shot for a Republican Mayor to win an election there.

In light of this, the odds of Atlanta dealing with ongoing crime problems in perpetuity are very high.