Associated Press Admits San Francisco’s Decline Traces Back To Democrats

On countless occasions, Republicans repeatedly warn about the danger of being in communities where leftists are running the show. In New York City and Los Angeles, people are mandated to show vaccination papers to go to the gym, visit a bar, or otherwise enter indoor facilities.

In Portland, Oregon, crime, drugs, and violent riots are par for the course. The Democrats do nothing to stop it. Soft on crime measures only encourages lawless individuals and ensures crime continues thriving.

In San Francisco, the city is being grappled by smash and grab retail thefts, robberies, and other similar crimes. It’s gotten so bad that even the Associated Press is now forced to admit Democrats are ruining the once prosperous city, as documented by PJ Media.

Over the weekend, the Associated Press noted used needles, human excrement, drugs, etc., are causing a mass exodus from the city. Folks who previously wanted to move to San Francisco for its beauty are now hightailing their way out of the city altogether.

Furthermore, the Associated Press called out San Francisco for allowing crime, tent setups, and filth-ridden streets to run amuck. Likewise came the reminder that folks in San Francisco remain proud of themselves for embracing left-wing politics and ideologies.

Interestingly, the Associated Press has finally managed to share an objective piece on what San Francisco has become with Democrats running the show and doing nothing to improve situations.

The sad thing is that San Francisco is far from an outlier. The Associated Press’s issues are present in other communities run by Democrats. Chicago is one prime example. Hearing about shootings and murders in the city doesn’t even come as a surprise anymore.

There’s no doubt the pointers made by the Associated Press are spot on. Nevertheless, the million-dollar question is this: will the people of San Francisco take action to improve their community, or will they continue voting for more of the same?

The latter scenario appears more likely than the former as things currently stand. For starters, Democrats in California had a chance to recall Governor Gavin Newsom, yet they overwhelmingly voted for him to remain in office.

Time and time again, San Francisco (and other cities in California, for that matter) cast their ballots for Democrats, no matter how much harm their leadership causes.

Given that Democrat voters in California outnumber GOP voters by nearly two to one, no one should hold their breath waiting for San Francisco to make a change.