Army Under Fire For “Accidentally” Giving COVID Shots Instead Of Flu Vaccine

At this point, it’s very well-established that there are forces in this country who want to stick COVID vaccines into people’s bodies by any means possible. It is why New York City has stated anyone without the COVID vaccine may not enter gyms, movie theaters, bars, restaurants, and other indoor establishments. 

The plan to get the COVID shot into people’s bodies by any means necessary also explains why certain hospitals deny individuals organ transplants that could save their lives if they’re not vaccinated. 

The list goes on and on. However, a new development from the U.S. Army has many Americans disturbed and asking questions. As documented by TheBlaze, the U.S. Army has “accidentally” administered COVID vaccines to people instead of the flu shots they requested. 

At Joint Base Lewis-McChord, three people were given COVID vaccines, despite getting flu shots. This Army base has since come out with a statement, declaring a review into this matter is underway. 

Furthermore, the Army base noted “positive corrective” steps to prevent future repeats of this incident. However, for many Americans, this explanation is not good enough. 

This “accident” on the Army’s end is even more suspicious because it’s not the first time something like this has happened. Earlier this month, children in a different part of the country had to be hospitalized after pharmacists “accidentally” gave them adult doses of COVID vaccines instead of the flu shots their parents requested.

How does this “accident” happen over and over again? It’s almost as if sure folks have decided to stick the COVID vaccine into anyone they can and then later claim it was an accident. Someone needs to be held accountable for this.

Informed consent and medical freedom are under attack like never before. It is due to the political left doing all it can to control the healthcare decisions of every man, woman, and child. 

Leftists believe anyone who fails to submit to COVID vaccination should be fired and lose their jobs. People who shout “my body, my choice” when it comes to abortion don’t believe anyone should have a say in whether or not they get the COVID vaccine.

Quite frankly, the hypocrisy is demoralizing and astounding. People must rise now more than ever. Americans must stand against bio-medical fascism being perpetrated by the left. 

The left believes medical tyranny is for the greater good. However, the reality is there’s no greater good without freedom.