Arizona Taking Necessary Measures to Secure Southern Border

The southern border quickly fell apart after the Biden administration came into power.

Joe Biden made no bones about dismantling the immigration reforms set in place by former President Trump. Even just recently, Biden gutted the Remain in Mexico policy that dates back to the Trump administration.

In light of all this, the rates of illegal border crossings have reached historic levels that continue to climb. Biden’s faced continuous pressure from conservatives, GOP lawmakers, and border state officials to end illegal immigration.

As the federal government repeatedly demonstrates it has no intention of fixing the border whatsoever, Arizona is now stepping up to the plate.

A Close Look at Arizona’s Work to Secure the Border
Right now, Arizona officials are working to secure the Yuma sector portion of the southern border. To make this happen, the state is putting together welded storage bins to close areas that were previously unrestricted.

Within just three days, Arizona’s made notable progress, far more than the Biden administration’s made in over one year. Furthermore, the welded storage bins come along with razor wire that completes a 22-inch tall border barrier.

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) made it clear that his state won’t sit idly by as it witnesses the border getting worse and more out of control.

In addition to building this wall, Arizona’s also joined Texas in sending illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities, such as Washington DC and New York City.

A Pressing Issue
As Arizona works to secure the southern border, it’s also shining a light on why this work is so imperative. On Thursday afternoon, Ducey released imagery of lethal fentanyl pills confiscated at the southern border.

The volume of fentanyl in just these images alone is enough to end tens of thousands of lives.

Meanwhile, as the border remains under siege by illegal immigration, cartels and drug traffickers are reportedly using this to their advantage.

In addition to drug abuses, human smuggling and human trafficking at the border have each been documented as on the rise in Biden’s America.

Ultimately, the work of Arizona has received accolades from many Americans who care about not just upholding immigration laws, but also about the national security of the United States.

The Biden administration, on the other hand, remains nowhere to be found.