Antifa Members Finally Held Accountable For Their Actions

For years now, Antifa members have been a menace to society. Antifa ironically claims to be an “anti-fascist” group. Yet, their conduct is very much in alignment with the behavior of fascists.

To be very clear, Antifa bears responsibility for attacking conservatives and Trump supporters in the streets, vandalism, burning down buildings, and more. Antifa members were moreover active participants during the summer 2020 riots that had multiple communities across the nation in flames.

Democrat politicians have undermined the gravity of Antifa’s criminal activity. Joe Biden carelessly and falsely claimed Antifa was nothing more than an “idea.” Meanwhile, when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was asked during a 2020 press conference about folks ripping down monuments, she claimed: “people will do what they do.”

Antifa’s managed to commit violent crimes with virtual impunity for some time. However, as documented by PJ Media, this has come to an end.

Over this month, it’s been revealed that several Antifa members will be spending time behind bars due to committing a series of crimes involving assault with a deadly weapon, felony criminal mischief, arson, vandalism, felony assault, and more.

Many of the sentences faced by Antifa members span across years on end. These sentences are much deserved, and there’s no ambiguity as to whether or not these individuals are responsible for the aforementioned crimes.

Countless videos online show Antifa members setting a fire, tossing around incendiary devices, attacking law enforcement officers, and more. Hopefully, the legal ramifications Antifa members will face will serve as warnings to other people who may be considering the commission of similar crimes.

Democrats who either defended or denied the existence of Antifa are now conveniently silent about the sentences these individuals are facing. The White House has remained completely mum about Antifa. However, given the attitude of the current president, this shouldn’t be shocking.

The United States is facing multiple crime waves in different cities nationwide. These crime waves involve thefts, looting, and acts of violence against store employees, security guards, and bystanders in the general vicinity.

The perpetrators need to be held accountable for their actions to stop these crime waves. There is no reason why anyone engaging in smash and grab retail crimes should still be on the streets, thus enabling them to cause more mayhem.

Right now, the only chance America has of bringing present crime waves to a halt is to resume getting tough on crime.