Antifa Finally Forced To Face The Music

For years now, Antifa has mainly been allied to run amuck. They’ve been able to smash stores, attack individuals who disagree with their politics and smear people with little to no consequences.

Ultimately, Antifa has made a name by committing violent personal and property crimes in leftist-run cities. Antifa knows that the Democrats will not hold them accountable for their crimes nine times out of ten. Antifa and the Democratic Party primarily go hand in hand with one another.

However, in one of their latest episodes, it looks like the domestic terrorist group got just a little too big for its britches. TheBlaze currently reports that Antifa members have been taken into police custody and face subsequent criminal charges.

In San Diego, California, several Antifa members were apprehended and subsequently charged with conspiracy to engage in riots, animal cruelty, unlawful use of teargas, assault with a lethal weapon, and more.

As it turns out, Antifa members in both San Diego and Los Angeles joined forces to cause the maximum amount of possible damage.

It happened in the days leading up to January 9, when Trump supporters would gather to hold a rally supporting the 45th president. Video evidence and social media activity have confirmed the attack Antifa carried out against Trump supporters was meticulous and deliberate.

Some of the weapons these goons used include pepper spray, sticks, flag poles, and more. The San Diego district attorney has also clearly stated that Antifa wholly perpetrated the violence on January 9. It now appears they will face the consequences of their actions.

Finally, holding Antifa accountable is long overdue and something that should have happened ages ago.

In one sense, it’s interesting that they were nabbed in California, a state that’s known for responding to criminals with kid gloves; however, Antifa seems to know better than to go to Republican-run communities and try to pull something.

No one has the right to attack others, destroy public property, or be a menace to society, no matter how much they disagree with someone else’s politics. Ironically, Antifa calls themselves “anti-fascists” when their behavior is directly in keeping with that of fascists throughout history.

Hopefully, the legal consequences Antifa members are facing will be a warning to others who are considering engaging in similar behaviors. America’s seen an uptick in violent crime lately, and it must end.

Perhaps, this is the very first step.