Antifa Causes More Devastation In America

Joe Biden and the Democrat Party are working as hard as possible to bring the United States to its knees. They’re employing multiple strategies to make this happen. These strategies entail forcing through bad public policy, ignoring America’s crises, and gaslighting the nation with claims all is well. 

The Biden administration has repeatedly lied to Americans about Afghanistan, the southern border, inflation, the bottlenecked supply chain, and so much more. Meanwhile, the president is trying to force through illegal COVID vaccine mandates. Although, the Federal Appeals Court has intervened on that matter thus far. 

Another deadly arm of the Democrats includes Antifa. Let’s not forget Biden once declared Antifa is nothing more than an “idea.” Well, according to the Daily Caller, Antifa recently crashed a peaceful protest against vaccine mandates and mask mandates, causing violence to break out.

Just yesterday morning, Antifa took it upon themselves to swarm, assault, and even pepper-spray protesters in Boston, Massachusetts, who were peacefully demonstrating their opposition against COVID mandates. 

Antifa even had the gall to brag about this on Twitter. Furthermore, this attack against these American patriots was premeditated. Antifa accused Boston protesters of being “fascists” and “white supremacists” simply because they do not want the government or public/private sectors determining their personal medical choices. 

Eventually, things got so out of hand that SWAT and other authorities had to be called in to diffuse the scene. Later, arrests were made. Individuals taken in by authorities are now facing charges that entail interfering with police, disturbing the peace, and disorderly conduct.

President Trump was 100% right when he declared Antifa to be domestic terrorists. That’s what they are, and they deserve to be legally treated as such. 

What’s ironic is that Antifa is supposed to stand for “anti-fascism.” However, Antifa members regularly employ violent, fascist tactics against anyone they don’t like. Moreover, Antifa also supports fascist mask mandates and fascist vaccine mandates. Antifa is what they accuse conservatives of being.

It is high time we stop treating Antifa with kid gloves. However, that’s going to be easier said than done with Biden and the Democrats running things. The White House loves Antifa and sees them as enforcers they can set loose on conservatives and other patriots who oppose Biden’s regime. 

At this time, Americans must continue to stand up against tyranny. Mask mandates and vaccine mandates have no place in the United States, neither does Antifa.