Anonymous Democrats Concerned About Senator Dianne Feinstein’s Mental Health

Democrats have expressed concerns about the mental health of California’s Senator Dianne Feinstein to the media. They fear she is too old to do her job.

A Democrat senator who wished to remain anonymous told the San Francisco Chronicle that her mental health is bad and it’s getting worse by the day. The senator explained how Feinstein often has trouble keeping up with discussions or conversations.

A Democratic representative of Congress along with four senators, three of which were staffers of Feinstein, spoke about her deteriorating mental condition. They questioned her mental fitness to remain in office, considering that at 88 years old, most of the staffers do the work needed to represent California in the Senate.

They explained that there are good days when Feinstein is at the top of her game, like when Kentanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation hearings were taking place. On days like these, she is in control of herself but on a bad day, she has trouble with minimal tasks like recognizing the name of her colleagues. This brought up questions on whether intervening on her behalf for early retirement was possible.

The democrats who spoke to the Chronicle wished to remain anonymous to protect their relationship with Feinstein and their other colleagues in the Senate. They expressed their sympathy for her as well as she had lost her husband to cancer a year ago. Although she declined an interview, her office gave a written statement on her behalf.

She was first elected in 1992, the longest-serving and the oldest sitting senator. Recently she was thought to not be progressive enough to represent California. She was even asked to resign on grounds of being out of touch with Democratic grassroots and party goals.

The leftists who spoke to the San Francisco Chronicle on record claimed that there was nothing wrong with her mental health and that she was at the top of her game. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi joined the people defending Feinstein when she claimed her recent work on reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act was proof of her capability at her age. Pelosi added that these attacks on her mental ability were uncalled for especially in regard to all she has done for the state of California.