Anarchist Soldier Admits Planning to Kill Members of His Unit

A U.S. Army soldier described as a Satanic, anarchist, neo-facist, neo-Nazi, White supremacist admirer of Osama Bin Laden pleaded guilty Friday to plotting the murder of members of his own platoon.

Ethan Phelan Melzer, 24, faces up to 45 years in prison on charges of plotting the deaths of service members. He also pled guilty to seeking to support terrorists and transmitting national defense information unlawfully.

The private from Kentucky was a member of the Order of Nine Angles, or O9A, when he joined the Army in 2018. The organization is an anarchist outfit originating in the U.K. but is now in several countries.

It promotes extreme violence with the goal of destroying Western civilization. He is said to have gained entry into O9A through initiation that included shooting a marijuana dealer in the arm in 2017.

Prosecutors said on Friday that he joined the Army to infiltrate its ranks for the extremist group and subvert the military from within. While serving in Italy with the 173rd Airborne Brigade Command Team, Melzer utilized encrypted internet forums to consume ISIS propaganda.

The government accused Melzer of divulging classified information to fellow members of O9A for an “jihadi attack” on other military members.

If he died for terrorist goals, he told the group he “died successfully.”

Their investigation uncovered his participation in a chat room called “9 Rapes” with others prosecutors describe as White supremacists. When arrested by the FBI and military officials, Melzer told them he was a traitor to the United States.

Prosecutors paint a disturbing picture of what the private attempted to accomplish. He sent specific intelligence to a person he thought was a member of the terrorist group al Qaeda.

Details of a military installation in Turkey where he expected his unit to be deployed were divulged to the “enemy.” The outcome could have been deadly serious.

The list of “isms” this Army private subscribed to is contradictory and confusing, and the roster of White supremacist, ISIS-supporting Satanists is rather small. Still, it is a good day when his ilk are washed out of the military and moved safely behind bars.