Americans Reject Biden’s Communist Agenda By A Wide Margin

At this point, Joe Biden is attempting to transform the United States into a communist state. It explains why the president is destroying America while claiming the country is on the right track.

Biden’s plot to twist America into a communist regime explains why he weaponized the Justice Department against parents. It’s also why a key segment of Biden’s plan entails weaponizing the IRS against any individual who’s got over $10,000 per year moving through their bank accounts.

The list of instances might go on forever. However, a new poll is in, and, as National Review documents, it’s terrible news for the 46th president. 

A brand new survey from ABC News/Ipsos says it all about the Build Back Better plan. An immense amount (32%) believes Biden’s plan won’t help all Americans polled. Just 25% of people said the opposite. 

Thereby it leaves 24% of Americans who are unsure of Biden’s communist agenda’s impact; meanwhile, 18% believe the legislation ultimately wouldn’t make a difference. 

These numbers show Build Back Better is far from the popular plan the White House is falsely making it out to be. Meanwhile, the legislation is so unpopular that Democrat lawmakers (Biden’s party members) can’t even get enough votes to pass it through a Congress under their control.

Moderate Democrats Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema have made it clear they won’t vote for Biden’s plan in its original form. It forced Democrat lawmakers to make some changes, seeing as they needed Sens. Manchin and Sinema’s votes to get anything through Congress. 

Tensions in the Democratic Party have risen in recent weeks between leftists and moderates. Progressive voters have been slamming Manchin and Sinema, with certain demonstrators even chasing Sinema into a bathroom and harassing her at a wedding.

Biden’s communist Build Back Better plan is dead in the water. Despite Democratic majorities in the Senate and House of Representatives, he lacks the numbers to pass it through Congress. Moderates and progressives have tried and failed to reach an agreement on this legislation.

Last week, Biden pleaded with Democrats to pass his spending bill. Yet, it has not happened. Meanwhile, the nation’s voters are rejecting his agenda in overwhelming numbers. It’s time for Biden to pack it up and cease this plan to erode American freedoms.