Americans Give Biden A Piece Of Their Mind

As president, Joe Biden has chosen to unleash a series of horrors on the United States. He’s doing his level best to entirely cripple the energy sector by attacking oil drilling and oil pipelines.

Meanwhile, the 46th president is waging a series of onslaughts against the economy with reckless spending bills and tyrannical COVID vaccine mandates. The one saving grace with the latter, though, is the courts have stepped in multiple times to block Biden’s mandates from going into effect.

At the same time, Biden’s created a national security crisis by leaving our country’s southern border wide open. With no existing immigration laws in place, terrorists, human traffickers, drug smugglers, and other unsavory characters are free to waltz right on over.

However, earlier this week, Americans finally got a chance to let Biden know what they think of him, as RedState has documented.

Biden took a trip to Minnesota to talk about the “infrastructure” spending bill he signed into law. Another purpose of the visit involved Biden promoting yet another spending bill, the Build Back Better Act, that he’s working on getting through Congress.

He might not have expected Minnesotans not to be too happy to see him. As the president arrived, at least 100 individuals were there to let him know they weren’t pleased with his visit.

These individuals were seen with messages on shirts, flags, and signs reading, “Let’s Go, Brandon,” “FJB,” “You Suck,” “Trump Still President,” and more. What’s more, the protesters who were there to greet Biden with a not-so-warm welcome were also mentioned in a White House pool report.

The reception also made news on social media, with images and videos circulating. One can only imagine that Biden wasn’t too pleased to see this upon his visit to Minnesota.

With the 2022 midterms coming up, growing discontent with Joe Biden is terrible news for the Democrat Party. Democrats seeking to win the midterms next year will have to rely upon Biden’s agenda as a tool to get themselves elected.

However, this is a plan that remains vastly unpopular. Polls show that Americans aren’t focused on infrastructure as Biden travels to promote his faux infrastructure package.

Instead, they’re worried about inflation and gas prices. Americans are wondering how they’re going to keep putting gas in the tanks of their cars when the prices keep rising. The public is wondering how to afford groceries as the prices continue to go up and up.

Biden won’t address these issues, though. He seems to be under the illusion that Americans will forget about these matters if the White House altogether ignores them.