American Officials Provide Update On Poland Missile Strikes

Earlier this week, America learned Poland’s eastern border was hit with missiles. These missile strikes sent shockwaves through the world and cost two lives.

On Tuesday night, Joe Biden revealed the United States government is investigating how this happened. Biden then alleged that despite certain reports from Ukraine, Russia does not appear to be the culprit behind the attacks on Poland’s border.

In fact, officials looking into this matter now believe that Ukraine was actually responsible for these missiles, thereby opening a new can of worms.

Trouble Ahead For Ukraine?
Ukraine President Zelensky faulted “Russian missile terror” for the two lives claimed in Poland.

However, unnamed American officials allege that Ukraine may have hit Poland in a botched attempt to strike Russia or “Russian” missiles. Officials also revealed the investigations into this incident are far from over.

Thus far, Russia has denied any and all reports of striking Poland’s border. Russian officials also maintain that anyone pointing fingers at them is trying to escalate already heightened tensions involving their country.

On Twitter, Russia’s government account specifically took aim at Poland for “deliberate provocation.” Poland, nevertheless, claims the missiles that hit its border were likely constructed in Russia.

Meanwhile, social media has erupted amid the news of Ukraine likely being behind the attack on Poland’s border.

Foreign Policy Failures on Biden’s Watch
Between the 2021 United States troop pullout from Afghanistan and this year’s Russia-Ukraine war, many Americans are pointing the finger at Biden. Real concerns exist that the president’s approaches to foreign policy are weak and leading to international problems.

Amid the latest news about Ukraine, Americans have renewed calls to stop sending endless aid to Zelensky. Even before Poland’s border got hit, Biden was criticized for allowing American taxpayers to keep bankrolling Ukraine.

Thus far, the president has yet to announce any sort of limits concerning when America will decide enough is enough.

Here in the states, people are barely making it. Every day workers are losing their jobs and sinking further into debt amid inflation. Rising interest rates only further complicate Americans’ financial struggles.

All things considered, many people long for the days of a president who handled foreign policy matters with strategy and strength.