America Just Might Dodge A Communist Bullet After All

It is not an exaggeration to warn the United States is under attack from communists within. These communists work on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and are doing everything they can to swap freedom for communism.

Look no further than Saule Omarova, the nominee Joe Biden wants to become Comptroller of the Currency. Omarova is a communist who admitted she wants to eradicate private banking and see America’s energy industry fall. Nevertheless, the Biden administration is standing by support for Omarova.

Right now, a Senate with 50 Republicans and 50 Democrats is in the process of reviewing Omarova’s nomination. All Republicans are against her, yet, in an evenly split Senate, this isn’t enough to stop this communist from working her way into the OCC if Democrats unanimously vote in favor of her.

However, in an epic plot twist, it’s looking like the United States may be getting ready to dodge a bullet, as National Review attests to.

It appears as though Omarova’s statements about the energy sector and private banking went a bridge too far even for some Democrats in the Senate. Five Senate Banking Committee Democrats have come out and declared they would not support Omarova.

These Democrats are Sens. Jon Tester, Kyrsten Sinema, Mark Warner, Mark Kelly, and John Hickenlooper. During a phone conference, these lawmakers announced they would not back Omarova to head the OCC.

With five Democrats and 50 Republicans opposed to this nominee, she doesn’t stand a chance of becoming Comptroller of the Currency. Quite frankly, the entire country is better off for it.

The last person who needs to oversee OCC doesn’t believe Americans should partake in private banking. Nationalizing and publicizing private banking is inherently communistic, and it’s not something that our country should even come close to doing. Enough is enough.

Make no mistake. It is excellent news that five Democrats in the Senate have the sense not to vote for a communist to oversee banking in the United States. However, the reality that Omarova was even considered to head the OCC is a genuine problem altogether.

What’s even more disturbing is her remarks about wanting the energy sector to go bankrupt are in keeping with Biden’s war against the energy and fossil fuel industries. It also speaks volumes that the White House refuses to disavow Omarova’s remarks about private banking.

America appears to have dodged a bullet. However, it’s still too close to comfort. Someone like Saule Omarova should never even come close to overseeing America’s OCC.