America Just Barely Dodged A Communist Bullet

At this point, it is more than apparent that the Biden administration’s ultimate endgame is to usher a dystopian communist regime into the United States.

The evidence of this is overwhelming from Biden breaching his legal authority with attempts to impose COVID vaccine edicts to the president waging a vendetta against energy independence.

Months ago, Biden outrightly scoffed during a CNN town hall when he was reminded that many Americans oppose medical mandates based on personal freedom. Biden’s dismissive disposition was right in line with how communists view freedom.

However, the communist roots of the Biden administration indeed came to light when the president nominated Saule Omarova to be the banking regulator. Despite Omarova’s calls to eliminate private banking and deplete the energy industry altogether, Biden stood by his decision to nominate her.

Thankfully, the evenly divided Senate has more sense than our poor excuse of a president, thus leading Omarova to withdraw her candidacy altogether, per The Federalist.

Omarova believed that with Biden’s backing and blessing, she could watch right in and become the head of the Comptroller of the Currency. However, when she was subject to Senate hearings, Omarova was questioned about her rhetoric regarding private banking and the energy sector.

The Biden nominee sought to downplay what she said. Senators from both sides of the aisle didn’t fall for her desperate attempts to worm her way into power. Republicans and even a few Democrat senators on the moderate side stated they could not cast supportive votes for Omarova.

Therefore, she withdrew her candidacy when it became apparent to Biden’s banking nominee that she wouldn’t get to lead the OCC after all.

As many Americans noted, it is downright horrifying that someone who admittedly wants to eliminate US private banking even came within sniffing distance of being a US banking regulator.

During the 2020 presidential election, Biden branded himself as a moderate Democrat. However, Biden’s presidency continues to prove the moderate facade was nothing more than a strategy to worm his way into the Oval Office.

Moderate Democrats in the Senate, such as Jon Tester and Joe Manchin, knew that Omarova’s nomination was a bad idea. Omarova withdrawing herself as a candidate is excellent news for America. But she never should have gotten as far as she did.

These are increasingly precarious times. As the Biden administration proceeds with its agenda to replace US freedoms with communism, patriots must ensure this White House fails at every attempt.