America Is Wondering: Where Is Gavin Newsom?

The mainstream media tends to pick up on the things it wants to pick up on. When former first lady Melania Trump took a break from the public for a while, CNN was all over it. CNN’s Brian Stelter declared America had the right to know where Trump was, seeing as she had the position as the nation’s first lady.

However, just as the media goes out of its way to go after leaders and figures on the right, this same standard is not applied to leftists at all. For instance, much of the country is wondering why California Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom has vanished from the public eye since Halloween.

Meanwhile, as Twitchy reports, the mainstream fails to press the issue the way they would if Newsom were a Republican instead of a Democrat.

On October 27, the California governor famously received his COVID vaccine booster shot. Following this, Newsom canceled his participation at a climate change event. He also hasn’t been seen in public this month at all. 

What makes this even more interesting is that the California governor’s office and aides refuse to offer a plausible explanation for Newsom’s disappearing act. There have been rumors of the California governor supposedly bowing out of the public eye to handle family obligations. 

However, some people suspect the disappearance is due to Newsom suffering an adverse reaction from the COVID vaccine. As of right now, nothing has been confirmed. With that said, the timing of the California governor’s exit is very questionable. 

The lack of a believable, concrete explanation is only further contributing to wandering minds.

Governor Newsom has been one of the faces of the mandatory COVID vaccination movement. The Democrat governor has stated many times there’s no reason for anyone to refuse the COVID vaccine. He’s even moved to make the jab mandatory for children to attend school in California. 

If the Democrat governor has, in fact, experienced adverse side effects from the booster shot, he needs to be honest and forthcoming about it. The public deserves full transparency about this matter, especially since adverse reactions to the COVID vaccine and its boosters are becoming more and more common. 

Thus far, the reality that Newson has vanished since getting his booster shot gives credence to the theory that the governor is suffering medically. Ultimately, time will reveal what is going on and why the Democrat leader is nowhere to be seen.