ABC News Shows How Many Americans ‘Truly Loathe’ Biden

Throughout his presidency, Joe Biden has proven himself to be in deep denial. Biden’s in denial about the impacts of his reforms on the United States as a whole. He’s likewise in denial about the country’s overwhelming response to his leadership.

Biden’s been incessantly patting himself on the back. Meanwhile, an increasing percentage of Americans fear his presidency and count down the days until he is permanently removed from the White House.

Much of the country is also perplexed by how oblivious this President is to his perception. Biden’s approval ratings are a net negative on foreign policy, crime, immigration, the economy, and other critical issues.

Yet, this didn’t stop Biden from declaring in an interview that Americans are the ones with the supposed psychological damage that stops them from seeing what a fantastic job he’s done.

Meanwhile, ABC News has released yet another poll showing how poorly Biden is viewed by the American people, as Twitchy covers.

According to a fresh ABC News poll to come out this week, it looks like Biden’s botched handling of the Russia-Ukraine conflict has further damaged his reputation that was already in shambles.

The poll reveals that 52% of the country doesn’t believe that Biden can be trusted during times of crisis. By contrast, only 43% of Americans hold the opposing viewpoint.

ABC News’ latest poll gets even more interesting, though. The network revealed that 59% of the nation doesn’t regard Biden as a leader with strength. Only 36% of Americans told ABC News they perceive the sitting President as a strong leader.

Finally, 54% of the American populace doesn’t believe Biden possesses the required “mental sharpness” to serve the nation efficiently. Just four of ten American voters told ABC News otherwise.

At this juncture, Biden’s presidency (more than one year in) has just been a string of various catastrophes and problems. Americans have thought that things couldn’t worsen under this President on countless occasions. However, Biden continues to find a way to sink lower and lower.

As poll ratings deteriorate, the current President has stated that he will seek re-election to a second term in the 2024 presidential election. Yet, despite what Biden’s presidency has been so far, it’s questionable why he believes he has a shot at re-election.

Biden’s conduct and rhetoric clarify his view that he doesn’t see anything wrong with his leadership thus far. Therefore, Biden won’t change anything he’s been doing. That’s why Biden will lose re-election if he follows through on his stated intention to run for another term.