ABC News Accused Of ‘Election Interference’ For Blurring Trump Text

While numerous left-wing news channels showed clear bias in their coverage of former President Donald Trump’s recent speech at Mar-a-Lago, ABC News decided to take it one step further — blurring the message written on Trump’s podium, which critics argue amounts to “election interference.”

Trump spent the majority of his speech calling out the “election interference” of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg (D) — stating that the political prosecution against him is “massive election interference at a scale never seen before in our country.”

It appears that the Democrat district attorney is not the only one who is engaging in election interference.

On Tuesday, during Trump’s speech in front of supporters following his arraignment in a Manhattan courthouse, many left-wing news outlets provided coverage and commentary. The mainstream media commented on the laughable charges — with some Democrat analysts even stating that Bragg’s case was weak — while at the same time criticizing Trump’s remarks.

However, the only outlet that took their bias against Trump far enough to become “election interference” was ABC News.

On Trump’s podium was the phrase “TEXT TRUMP to 88022,” which was a way to fundraise for his 2024 presidential campaign. ABC News decided to blur the text so that viewers could not see it — or donate.

“ABC News blurs out ‘TEXT TRUMP to 88022’ in its coverage of Trump’s post-arraignment speech as reports suggest the Trump campaign has raised over $10 million since his indictment,” wrote Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk in a tweet sharing the video.

Conservatives quickly condemned the left-wing outlet’s actions on Twitter, including the Twitter account for former Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake’s “War Room.”

“Is this Election interference from your mothership, @abc15?” they wrote, tagging the Twitter account for Arizona’s ABC affiliate.

Many began pointing out that ABC News had not censored then-candidate Joe Biden’s campaign podium, which read “TEXT UNITED TO 30330.”

The popular Twitter account “End Wokeness” shared a side-by-side view of Trump’s censored podium and Biden’s visible podium from a speech in 2020, pointing out the clear difference in ABC News’ coverage of a conservative candidate versus a left-wing candidate.

“This is election interference by ABC,” they tweeted.