A Virginia Red Wave May Be Coming Next Week

On Tuesday, the Virginia governor’s race will conclude. Republican Glenn Youngkin is battling against Democrat Terry McAuliffe to become the next governor of Virginia. 

Previously, polls showed Youngkin and McAuliffe tied at 46%. However, a Fox News poll came out with Youngkin in the moderate 50% range, with McAuliffe trailing him at 45%. 

For years on end, Democrats have been able to emerge victorious in various Virginia elections. In 2020, Biden won the state; however, the blue wave in the commonwealth could soon be ending. 

PJ Media recently noted that former Vice President Mike Pence’s visit to Virginia this week has positively impacted Youngkin’s campaign. 

On Thursday, the former vice president spoke in Loudoun County about education, school choice, and parents’ involvement in their kids’ education. These have become critical themes in the Virginia governor’s race. 

McAuliffe pompously declared that parents shouldn’t tell school boards what to teach their kids several weeks ago. In stark contrast to such a tone-deaf, aloof point of view, Youngkin’s made it crystal clear he supports parents’ active participation in their kids’ education. 

While speaking in Loudoun County, Pence urged Virginians to vote for “educational freedom.” The former vice president also declared that the quality of children’s education would have long-term impacts on the United States. 

Pence’s visit in Virginia follows after a flurry of Democrats have rallied for McAuliffe in the commonwealth. President Biden, former President Obama, Vice President Harris, and other leftists are urging Virginia residents to elect McAuliffe. 

McAuliffe also recently came under fire for using fake websites on Facebook to run misinformation ads about Youngkin. To many Americans, this highlights Democrats’ desperation to remain in power, no matter the cost. 

If Glenn Youngkin is the winner of the Virginia governor’s race next week, it will have dire implications on the United States. 

For starters, a Youngkin victory would bring Democrats’ winning streak in the commonwealth for years on end to a halt. Furthermore, rejecting McAuliffe’s bid for a Virginia governorship would show Americans are growing tired of leftist policies. 

Biden, despite winning Virginia in 2020, is not very popular in the commonwealth right now. His approval ratings have taken a severe nosedive in the wake of multiple crises facing America. 

Some political analysts have speculated that Biden’s lack of popularity could lead to Youngkin becoming Virginia’s next governor.