A Federal Judge Just Ruled Against Biden’s Lax Immigration Policies

The haphazard immigration policies of the Biden administration have been a national security concern for quite some time. Since Biden’s gotten into the White House, Border Patrol officials remain constantly bombarded with surges of migrants coming across the border.

This issue really festered when Biden gutted the Remain in Mexico policy that former President Trump set up.

Biden’s also been gunning for Title 42, which allows for speedy migrant expulsions; although, so far, this measure is still in effect, owing to a court order.

Nevertheless, the White House isn’t giving up on trying to let as many illegal immigrants into the country as possible. Recently, Biden determined that individuals who unlawfully entered America should be treated with kid gloves by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Thankfully, a federal judge in Texas had a different viewpoint and ruled against the president accordingly.

What to Know About Biden’s Latest Loss in Court
Judge Drew Tipton determined the president’s order to ICE was in violation of the Administrative Procedure Act, along with being inappropriately “arbitrary.”

In Tipton’s ruling, he decreed Biden does not have the authority to nullify mandates of a statutory nature. However, the judge put in place a seven-day pause on his verdict. This is designed to let the White House appeal his ruling, if it so chooses.

Had the current president gotten his way, ICE would have been prohibited from removing already settled illegal immigrants from the country, even those with rap sheets, so long as their crimes weren’t too extreme.

Yet, as many conservatives noted, coming into the United States without following the proper procedures is a crime in and of itself. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), on the other hand, argued Biden’s policy was needed in order to focus its energies on national security threats.

In light of Tipton’s verdict, DHS says it’s assessing the decision and determining what its next moves will be.

More Legal Battles to Come?
Republicans in Texas celebrated their latest win against the president’s lax immigration policies. However, this is not the first time Republicans have taken Biden to court over his approaches to the southern border.

Even after this verdict, the White House still stands against reforms like Remain in Mexico, Title 42, a border wall, and other measures that would disincentivize illegal immigration.

Given this administration’s past conduct, there’s a high likelihood they’ll be in court again over border-related policies.