18-Year-Old Australian Arrested For 3D Printed Gun

Australian police arrested a man for allegedly printing a 3D gun capable of holding 15 rounds. The 18-year old faces years in prison if found guilty.

In the land down under, where “personal protection is not a genuine reason for acquiring, possessing or using a firearm,” obtaining a firearm is extremely difficult. Australia considers firearm ownership a privilege and has strict requirements for their citizens to purchase firearms.

Citizens have no right to own firearms in Australia; instead, they have to be in the police force, military, or other professions deemed by the state to need a gun.

The printed firearm cost the man $28 to produce and assemble, and it was discovered by Drug and Firearm Squad detectives inside the man’s home on June 3.

Detective Senior Sergeant Blair Smith said, “Although it resembles a toy it has the ability to cause serious harm within our community.”

Smith continued, “It’s deeply concerning that this man was able to manufacture this firearm at home with a 3D printer and readily available materials.”

With the increase in technological advances, is it really surprising? Innovation has given people the ability to do almost anything that they want.

Smith added, “These types of firearms are unregulated, unlicensed and have no place within our community. That is a semi-automatic 9mm assault rifle in essence.”

The Daily Mail’s claim that “The rifle, which has been built using plastic and other materials, can fire 15 bullets with just one pull of the trigger,” is false and contradictory to the statement by Smith, who says the rifle is a semi-automatic rifle.

The rifle was identified as a “4kg gun” and uses some metal parts to retain rigidity. Often, 3D printed guns fall apart due to their polymer substance.

The 18-year-old was “charged with offenses including the unlicensed manufacture of firearms and ammunition, as well as possession of a prohibited weapon.”

It’s still unclear what the man intended to use the firearm for.